Tiny Trailer

Progress is moving methodically along with the tiny house. I fully realize that the actual “build” (ie. subfloor, walls, windows, roof) will go pretty quickly..

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The Tiny Adventure Begins!

Progress update! In the past few weeks I’ve purchased a trailer ($725) a 4’x4′ skylight ($40) a 4’x4′ front window ($60)… both skylight and window.

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What is Swift Paws?
Swift Paws is letting the dogs out. We sell a unique product that you can use to get your dogs active and running; but this is no ordinary doggy-workout. The dogs love it just as much as we do! Check out the video below to see Swift Paws in action and visit the adventure info page to learn more about the Swift Paws - GO With Me Tour and what we're doing to spread the word and give back to dog charities.