Happy Holidays

As my tiny house currently sits at the welder’s shop and my lumber has yet to be milled and is still being stored in tree-form up in NC I did not prepare any Holiday decorations this year. No worries though, some of the coolest “tiny housers” out there HAVE put up season-appropriate decor:

Just because you live in a tiny house does not mean you have to downsize your holiday expectations too! In fact, some of your favorite tiny housers have decorated their homes with BIG style preparing from Hanukkah, solstice, Christmas, and just the winter holidays in general. With an open mind and the right amount of creativity the merriment of the season can be showcased in even the tiniest of corners, the tops of tables, loft railings, and front porches, with simple decorations like vinyl adhesives, miniature Christmas trees, strings of lights, homemade garlands, paper snowflakes, and the like.

Below are a few of tiny house dwellers you may know and their inspired tiny house holiday looks.

Homes included in the virtual tour above: