Getting Crafty w/ Sliding Barn Doors & Life at the CDFF


So one of my dreams is to have a sliding barn door for the bathroom door of my tiny house. Well, I just made TWO of them and installed them in the “farmhouse” bathroom at the Cold Duck Foot Farm.

The whole process was very Pinterest DIY-esque.

Pretzel the Poster DogBut before I get into that project, I’d like to point out that Pretzel refused to pose for the cover photo, which is why the chickens got featured in this round. Better luck next time, Pretzel.

Ok, onto the doors! So I did a bunch of research, and you can either DIY it, or buy the hardware kit and doors off the shelf. Seeing as how that option will run you about $600 per finished door, I definitely went DIY!

For the track, we used a rod with small brackets to hold it up… in hindsight we will probably be switching to a rail in the not so distant future because the rod is a bit light-duty for this application (even though the doors themselves are pretty lightweight). For the doors I went with a hardwood tongue and groove bamboo flooring. My bathroom is done in dark shades of brown, and the wood I found was actually on sale, AND when it came down to it, ONE box of flooring was enough for the faces of BOTH doors. Exactly. Not a board to spare! How I love little coincidences like this!

For the backing, I chose a white bead-board that could be applied with a construction adhesive (the kind that comes out of a tube like caulk). From there, I bought one set of garage door hardware that conveniently came with TWO handles, and FOUR fancy hinge-like decorative pieces, just enough for my two doors!

After laying it out to see what the end-result might look like it was time to put it all together! We (meaning with the help of my awesome Dad) applied the adhesive to the back of the bead-board, and then flipped it over onto the assembled flooring which we assembled face down. The adhesive has a great initial “tack” so we then carefully flipped it over, laid a sheet over it, and set blocks on top to hold it all together while we waited for the adhesive to cure.

After that, we trimmed the edges and proceeded to install the custom welded (thanks, Dad!) hardware on the doors and hang them on the tracks. Viola! Sliding barn doors. Total cost of the project: just a hair over $100 for BOTH doors!

Ok, picture time:

So what else has been going on at the Cold Duck Foot Farm? Well, since you asked… Since my last post, I bought a small, but mighty tractor named Elmer, made some DIY jumps for my arena, put some fancy touches on my tack/feed room, and now have TWO horses at my place… well, one horse and one pony that is! The chicks – I mean chickens, are doing well. They come when called and are pretty entertaining. They should start laying in October and I can’t wait!

Until next time!

Until next time!