Giving Back
If you love dogs
think people should be getting active with their dogs more often, want to support dog charities across the east coast, and generally support the Swift Paws – GO With Me Tour and Meghan’s mission, consider showing your support!

Your donation will go towards a great number of things for the tour.
Here’s the best part: The more support Meghan receives, the more she can give back to all of the great charities she’ll be benefiting. Who knows, maybe she’ll even meet her two BIG charity goals!

Funding for Eventsevents are expensive to organize and put on. Volunteers and great event hosts go a long way, but there are still a number of costs that can’t be avoided (like insurance expenses!). Each event will cost roughly $200 to fund, and if every event is fully funded that means a greater donation can be made to the event charities!

Dog Food – You can donate dog food right from home by purchasing a bag online and having it delivered to Swift Paws’ office: 2600 Aurora Rd. Ste C Melbourne, FL 32935

Extra Charity Visits – There are rescues, humane societies, kibble kitchens, and the like in nearly every city in the US. There are only 10 Adventure Stops on the Swift Paws – GO With Me Tour, but with some support, Meghan will be making surprise visits (and donations!) to a few extra non-profits along the way.