Busy as a Bee

I’m happiest when I’m going at 110%  I like to say that I don’t idle well, and that holds true in every aspect of my life from work, hobbies, even vacation! So what’s going on with Swift Paws? A LOT! We are gearing up to be the big attraction at the Orlando Pet Expo on Nov 2nd. This is a BIG event with lots of exposure and we can’t wait to see a bunch of dogs try out lure chasing!

Pretzel High Jump

Look Closely and You’ll Spot Pretzel!

I just returned from a week and a half long trip up to NC. Yes, it was a “vacation” for me. What was I doing on my vacation you ask? I was working the K9’s in Flight – Homeless to High Flying dog sports show with a good friend up at the NC State Fair. We had crowds in excess of 1000 people at each of the 3 shows we did per day. It was a ton of fun doing the show with my friends John and Ethan, and even though Pretzel’s not the best frisbee dog, he was still a hit with the crowd!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, I also managed two trips to White Oak Conservation on my way up and back from NC. I demoed Swift Paws equipment for their cheetahs and what an amazing experience it was! I’m really looking forward to working more with conservation centers and zoos in the future!

Tiny Bathroom Sink

I’m In Love with this Bowl!

So where is the Tiny House at? Same place I left it! In fact, the theme for my little house seems to be “Putting Cart Before the Horse”. Just today I’ve put the Bathroom Sink before the Bathroom! A friend got an entire box of great stuff from a garage sale for $5 and this gem of a ceramic bowl was at the bottom. She was nice enough to let me have it and I fully intend to turn it into my bathroom sink someday 🙂