Bigger Dreams

So I’m watching TINY: A Story About Living Small (a beautiful tiny house documentary) by Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller and it has inspired me to update this dusty blog with a shiny new post.

Want to watch/buy the movie? It’s awesome. Click HERE You’ll be glad you did.

There have been BIG changes since I last posted. Maybe the biggest and most important of them all is that I’m now living on a beautiful (read: DREAM) property, farm, farmette? just 10 minutes away from my childhood home. I call it Cold Duck Foot Farm, a nonsensical name for a whimsical place.

I’m in love with a piece of land, a not-so-tiny house, a 3 stall barn, and all of the things that this place will become.

And yes, the tiny house dream lives on. The trailer and all pieces/parts are out at the farm, and I hope to have time to come back to this project in the near future. The new dream is to build the tiny house and maintain it on the property as a guest house or even a residence for me if I want to rent out the “big” house!

After the passing of someone in my close circle of friends I’ve been even more convinced that life, each and every day of it, is something you need to live happily. Every challenge, frustration, or setback is another adventure. Every change of plans, big or small, is something to tackle with determination. The present, as well as the future and past, are all meant to be enjoyed. And while there is value in saving and planning, I thoroughly believe in balance between present and future happiness.

Until next time, adventure on!