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Swift Paws – GO With Me Tour

It all started with an essay contest. Sylvan Sport, a company that makes this
amazing camper called the GO, gave people the opportunity to write about their
ultimate adventure for the chance to actually take a GO on the trip they had described.

GO with your dog to one of our upcoming Swift Paws events.

Lure chasing is great fun and exercise for all breeds and sizes. Join us at an event for a howling good time with your dog. Visit the Adventure Stops page for dates, locations, and details.

Here’s the adventure breakdown:

Each city features an event host and a charity. The event hosts are dog business or parks that have ample space and a dog-friendly atmosphere. These hosts are partnering with Meghan to put on a public lure coursing event that will in part benefit a pre-selected local dog charity. Check out the Adventure Stops page to learn more about each destination!

Charity Goals:
Meghan wants to raise a GO Camper for the dogs. Here are the two big goals for this adventure:

  1. Raise as much money as the GO costs ($7,995)
  2. Donate as much dog food as the GO weighs (840lbs)

Lure Chasing

So, remember that essay contest? That’s where Meghan comes in. The founder and an owner of a dog company called Swift Paws, Meghan entered the contest after happening across the Sylvan Sport Website. Swift Paws is a company that makes and sells lure coursing equipment. Never heard of lure coursing? Swift Paws is hoping to change that. Lure Coursing allows dogs to run, chase, and play. It’s a game for dogs, but it’s a close bet as to whether the dogs or their owners have more fun. Want to see it in action?

So, Meghan was working on Swift Paws with her business partner, John, when she enters Sylvan Sport’s essay contest. Here is what her entry looked like:


“I’d have a howling good time GO’ing across the US (maybe Canada too). My mission: to get people and their dogs going by introducing them to the amazing sport of lure coursing. I’m dog-crazy (must be the *wolf* in my name) and I run local coursing events that get dogs active by letting them chase a lure around a field. I can’t tell who has more fun, the dog or their owner, and it makes for a great day of exercise and socialization. It’s something the entire community can get into. I’d pre-select 10 destination cities and hit the road with my GO, lure course machine, and my little dog, Pretzel. In between stops I’d visit animal shelters to help spread the word about adoption and the importance of responsible pet ownership. Lure coursing is fast, fun, and you’re in control. People love their dogs, but sometimes they just can’t provide the exercise Fido needs. This activity is the best boredom breaker; it’s instant fun – no training involved. Once you and your dog have tried it, you’re hooked, and it’s a great activity to share with your friends and fellow dog-lovers. Hold on to your camper, I’m letting the dogs out!”

By Some incredible stroke of luck she was chosen as one of the three finalists who gets to realize their adventure dream! She’ll be setting out on March 17th to pick up the camper from Sylvan Sport’s headquarters in Brevard, NC, and her kick-off event takes place in Melbourne, FL on March 27th. Track her adventure and join in on the fun by coming out to an event, liking Swift Paws on Facebook, Following Adv_Wolf on Twitter, Subscribing to the Swift Paws YouTube channel, and keeping up with her blog posts right here on Adventure Wolf.