Meghan and Pretzel

Hi! I’m Meghan, but I suppose you already know that. I’m the founder and an owner of a young company called Swift Paws. We’re based out of Melbourne, FL. I’m a DePauw Grad with a degree in economics, and I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to go to work each day with a smile on my face and my dog, Pretzel, at my side

Speaking of Pretzel, he’s a 6 year old red miniature pinscher, agility champ, crazy about lure coursing, and most definitely my best friend. He loves splashes of water, will do anything for a tasty morsel, and is the best travel companion I could ask for (he doesn’t even snore!).

So, more about me I guess. I LOVE being active. Doing things inside, outside, in the water, with my dog, with other people and their dogs, it doesn’t really matter as long as I’m moving. Speaking of that, did you know I’m taking a nearly 3 month long adventure tour up the East Coast of the US and into Canada?!?!? I call it, “Meghan’s Howling Good Adventure”. There are 10 destination cities on my trip and I’ll be putting on a public lure coursing event in each one. You should definitely come out to one if you’re anywhere near one of the cities! It’s partially to promote my company, Swift Paws, and largely about Sylvan Sport, the company that makes the amazing camper that I’m taking (it’s their contest that got this whole thing rolling after all) and my other sponsors such as Ruffwear and The Honest Kitchen. But even more so, it’s about getting people and their dogs active by letting them have a go at lure coursing, all while benefiting a local dog charity in each one of the 10 cities.

I hope you’ll follow along as I GO on my adventure. If you have a favorite spot, restaurant, hike, etc. that’s along my route, I’d love suggestions for fun things to do and see. I’d love to hear from you regardless, even if you just want to tell me about your dog, or even send Pretzel an email, he’s no good at typing, but likes to get letters anyway!